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Carpet Tiles

31 Oct What are the pros and cons of patterned carpets?

Choosing the right patterned carpet for your home is an important and difficult decision, especially with all the variety out there. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming which is why we’ve outlined the pros and cons of patterned carpets below, also known as loop pile or...

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Wool Carpet

02 Sep 5 expert tips on how to care for your wool carpet

“A beautiful investment”, “durable”, “environmentally friendly” and “stain resistant” are some answers people give when asked why they chose wool carpet for their home. But a common question asked by these people is; “How do I clean my wool carpet and maintain its look?”. We have...

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Carpet underlay

25 Feb A guide to buying carpet underlay: Which is the best?

There are many different types of carpet underlay available on the market today, which can sometimes be confusing for consumers. We believe to correctly choose the right underlay for your home’s carpets, it’s important to understand why underlay is so important. Why use carpet underlay? Underlay should not...

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