Vinyl floor is increasingly seen as the decoration of choice by interior designers and home owners with flair. Tarkett offers you a range of choice from colours, abstracts and black and white, to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone. It feels good too offering cushioned underfoot comfort as well as a variety of finishes to provide touch sensation that match the looks. Hardwearing, waterproof and easy to clean, vinyl is the modern option for modern lifestyles. Whatever your kitchen style you can find the right ingredient with the colours and finishes of Tarkett floors. Hygienic, hardwearing and easy to clean, the spills that go with cooking simply wipe away time after time, leaving the surface as good as new. Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home or simply a place to cook – these floors are the perfect recipe.
For areas where enhanced slip resistance properties are required. Why safety floorings? Some areas might be quite sensitive to slippery surfaces and the danger of falling. The floor material installed can of course be one cause, or the cleaning agents, but also the presence of liquid or other contaminants on its surface: water, drink, grease, oils… However, most slip and fall injuries are preventable. And the installation of floor coverings with enhanced slip resistance properties will help you reduce these risks. Tarkett Safety floorings with Safety Clean PUR Reinforcement are the new high performance alternative to traditional safety floors. Designed for varying applications, the Safetred collection offers four heavy duty ranges with R10 slip resistance: Dimension, Dimension Wood,Spectrumand Universal. For more demanding areas, Safetred Universal Plus provides R11 slip resistance while Safetred Aqua is the ideal solution for wet room areas.
The Safetred ranges all meet the requirements of the new manufacturing standard, EN 13845, that has set new conditions with consideration to wear resistance and the sustainability of the slip resistance properties. With the Safetred collection, you will be assured of sustainable slip resistant performance throughout the product life. Click here to visit the Tarkett website

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