Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

An engineered wood floor is the perfect finish to add warmth, character and value to your home.

Originally developed to replicate the beauty of wooden floors in areas of the home where installation of solid wood may not be possible, engineered wood flooring has now become an affordable and practical flooring solution throughout the house.

New manufacturing methods have made engineered wood flooring almost indistinguishable from its solid timber counterpart. On the surface it appears identical. Planks have a top layer of solid wood, usually hardwood ranging in thickness. This is bonded to a core, comprising either plywood or a composite of softwood and hardwood.

The layering of this core, with the grain of the wood running in different directions, is what gives engineered wood flooring its superior stability and resistance to shrinkage, warping, and crowning so often seen with solid wood floors. It is these characteristics that also make it ideal on almost any subfloor, including concrete, or for installation over underfloor heating.

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for use throughout the house, whether in single rooms or open-plan spaces such as diners and kitchens with underfloor heating. Its resistance to moisture makes it ideal in basement conversions or ground floor installations with a concrete subfloor.

As the top layer is real hardwood, it will age beautifully and last a lifetime, adding value to your home and pleasure to your life for years to come.

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What are the benefits of Engineered Oak Flooring?

  • Top layer can be sanded and revarnished (depending on the thickness of the real wood layer) allowing you to update the style of your room
  • Multiple real wood finishes available including oak and walnut, providing you with real choice and versatility
  • Available pre-finished – no on-site sanding or varnishing required
  • Can usually be fitted over underfloor heating making them ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms
  • Can be fitted on most subfloors making them ideal in basement conversions and modern homes
  • Environmentally sustainable as it utilises less hardwood than traditional solid wood
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