Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Traditionally used in commercial environments, rubber flooring has now become a growing choice amongst architects and designers as a stylish, ultra modern, and eye-catching choice of flooring. Available in a wide choice of colours, rubber floor tiles and sheet rubber flooring are some of the hardest-wearing flooring finishes available. It is also resistant to fading, cigarette burns and damage, and virtually impossible to wear through. At the same time it provides an unequalled level of softness, impact absorbency, and slip resistance.

Often chosen for its sanitary benefits or in areas where spillages are commonplace, rubber flooring has a number of useful commercial applications. Areas in particular to benefit from rubber flooring include, but are not limited to, gym floors, workshops, care home environments and even kennels.

Commercial Safety Rubber Flooring

When used in a commercial setting, rubber flooring is easy to keep clean, hard wearing and non-marking. It is also available in a range of textures, be it smooth to aide the passage of movement, or textured to provide excellent slip resistance.

Rubber Flooring for your home

At home, rubber flooring is an excellent choice for garages (as an alternative to floor painting), children’s play areas, and even as an alternative to tiled bathrooms and wet rooms.

  • Comfort. Cushioned rubber flooring is able to reduce the likelihood of injury
  • Sound absorbent
  • Water and slip resistant
  • Static resistant. Rubber has a natural resistance to static buildup, making it a suitable choice for restaurant kitchens
  • Extremely hard wearing and resistant to scratching, staining, mold and scuffing, if cared for can look new for many years
  • Resistant to cigarette burns and chemical spills
  • Recyclable. Rubber can be re-purposed for applications such as landscaping mulch, surfacing play areas or rubber crumb
  • Heavy impact resistant
  • Ease of maintenance

Rubber flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Unlike wooden flooring, rubber does not need to be coated or waxed in order to protect it, because the surface is non-porous. In terms of cleaning, dusting and mopping with a PH-balanced solution is enough maintain the sanitation of the floor and avoid expensive longer term maintenance costs.

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