Non-slip Flooring

Non-slip Flooring

Our range of non-slip safety flooring is essential for creating a safe working environment wherever there is a high chance of slippage (due to wetness, for example) or where slipping carries a significant risk of injury.

Areas that are highly prone to becoming wet include kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, and toilets, essentially any area where water is used or where frequent spillage is inevitable. For these situations, flooring that is thick, has increased grip, and is easily cleaned means that the risk of accidental injury is minimised.

Some environments may not be prone to becoming wet but still carry an increased risk. These include hospitals, where equipment is carried and operated and where there are individuals at greater risk of falling; laboratories, where equipment is also carried and operated; and warehouses, where large, heavy, or unwieldy equipment is carried.

If you’re unsure what type of non-slip safety flooring you need, we’re always happy to take you through the options and discuss what difficulties your individual scenario might present.

To find out more about our Non-slip Flooring Range, call our friendly team today.
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