Cork Floor Tiles

Cork Flooring Tiles

The soft surface of cork flooring is comfortable to walk on and provides cushioning properties, meaning it is an excellent option for homes with children and the elderly or infirm. A cork tiled floor can also help to reduce your energy costs due to its insulating qualities, helping to keep in warmth and dampen noise. The easy-to-maintain surface is also completely natural and biodegradable, making it a strong choice for sustainable builds.

Homeowners across the UK are discovering the distinctive appeal of cork as a striking and practical flooring. Visually, you are sure to impress with the eye-catching look of a cork floor, but it is cork’s material qualities that make it such a strong choice for all kinds of room flooring.

At the core, Cork is made up of millions of cells, each cell functioning as a miniature thermal and sound insulator. This unique structure gives cork its variety of specialised qualities:

Cork floor tiles are excellent at absorbing both pressure and shock, for a comfortable tread. This gives cork floor tiles shock absorption qualities that can last for decades, helping to provide a level of comfort, with added safety benefits for children and the elderly, who may be prone to falls and dropping delicate breakable objects.

Well-laid cork floor tiles are sound-resistant, providing a heating insulation compared to alternative flooring solutions, making this style of flooring perfect for a busy on-the-go household, working business, or public space.

Naturally waxy, the suberin in cork makes it resistant to physical damage. It also repels a wide variety of allergens and dirt, including dust and bacteria. Homes concerned with natural, clean flooring should strongly consider cork as a first choice.

Sustainability matters more than ever before and flooring is no exception. Cork is a completely natural product, even down to how it is harvested.Cork can be harvested without chopping trees down, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly product.

Cork is also highly elastic. By regaining its shape time and time again, no matter how much it is walked on or how long furniture stands on it, with cork floor tiles you can be sure of a quality floor for years to come.

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