Wool Carpet

Wool Carpets

The material and texture of wool carpets helps to create a luxurious, more contemporary feel and look to your home. As well as its aesthetic benefits it is also a practical choice. Wool carpets are excellent insulators of heat, helping keep your home cosy whilst also reducing your energy costs. If you are a busy family home then this carpet type is ideal as its long-lasting fabric means your home can look immaculate for years to come.

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Wool Mix Carpets

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and practical carpet throughout your home. Wool mix styles use a mixture of wool and man-made materials to create a carpet with the best qualities of both. Wool mix carpets are more durable than pure wool styles, perfect if you have a young family or a pet.

man-made carpets

Man-made Carpets

This is the most functional out of the three ranges as it is highly stain and damage resistant. This carpet is easy to clean and can keep your room looking in perfect condition for years to come. Our most popular man-made carpet uses nylon fabric, these carpets can be printed after they are woven to create distinguishable patterns.