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Wool Carpets vs Man-Made Carpets: Which Do You Need?

The Differences Between Wool Carpets and Man-Made Carpets

We all love carpets. In the UK alone, 97% of us feature carpets to some degree throughout our homes. We often overlook these household necessities, but the addition of a carpet can transform the look and feel of a room, turning even the barest space into one filled with exciting potential and home comforts.

It remains to be said that the kind of carpet you choose can have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic of your home. Let’s look at some of the hallmarks of an excellent carpet:

  • Choice. Carpets are hugely customisable. At Kennington Flooring alone we offer hundreds of colours, textures and designs, helping you to find the right style for your room.


  • Luxury. Regardless of what your carpet is made from, we offer the softest, most comfortable carpets around.


  • Sound. As a fabric flooring carpets absorb sound, helping to reduce internal noise for much appreciated peace and quiet.


  • Safety. Children on the loose? Carpet works wonders to prevent household slippages and soften the blow if someone in your family does take a tumble.


  • Insulation. The addition of carpet to your home can retain as much as 15% of your household heat usually lost through the floor.


  • Maintenance. Most carpets are easily cleaned with a quick vacuum. Make this a regular thing to keep your carpet looking its best and it should take no time at all.


  • Value for money. At Kennington Flooring we understand our consumers’ needs. This is why we strike a balance between quality and cost, ensuring our customers the best value for money – and the best carpets, too.


So you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new carpet: what next?

Outside of these general advantages, you have two main fabric options: woollen carpets and man-made synthetics. But which is better, and more importantly, which is the right choice for you?

The advantages of wool

Wool CarpetNothing suggests comfort quite like a woollen carpet. Textured wool carpets can transform your floor into a real feature, adding the contemporary look of modern flooring, but with the warmth of wool.

For the ultimate in self-indulgence, consider a deeper, shaggier wool texture. Aim for the kind of depth you can lie back and sink into. A longer-length carpet like this, in a rich, creamy colour, inspires a real atmosphere of opulence and luxury.

Practically, wool is incredibly resilient to wear. It is also a natural fibre, which increases its appeal for many people, especially if you’re aiming for an authentic aesthetic. You might consider choosing a local wool, or one with slightly more desirable texturing.

Made-made carpets

Man made carpetMan-made carpets come in two main varieties: nylon (polyamide) and polypropylene (olefin). Nylon is the most popular, but polypropylene is the most stain resistant. Both kinds are typically better value than woollen alternatives and are more readily customisable.

Best of both worlds

With a mix of 80% wool and 20% man-made fibres, wool mix carpets offer the texture of wool, with a great resilience to stain and wear. If you’re looking for a woollen feel to your carpets, but aren’t too concerned about authenticity, this is the material for you.

Capture a similar woollen aesthetic to your room, without the increased cost.

When all’s said and done, the carpet you choose will depend entirely on the room you’re fitting and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Wool is a luxurious product and the traditional choice, but it is more expensive than made-made carpets or synthetic wools, which are often just as good at a more accessible price.

Whichever you decide, a new carpet can transform the look and feel of a room, so choose carefully for a softer, safer, cosier feel to your home.

At Kennington Flooring we can help you select a carpet that is right for you and your home. To talk to one of our friendly team, call 01865 401 700 or contact us online.

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