Floor Sanding FAQs


Everything you need to know about wood floor refurbishment


If you’re considering refurbishing your wooden flooring you probably have questions. To help, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions surrounding floor sanding and wood floor refurbishment.

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What benefits do sanded floors have?

The sanding process strips away marks, odours, and surface damage, leaving wood flooring that is hygienic, practical, and long-lived. Properly stained and varnished, it will also boast a glossy finish that looks great.

My flooring is in a bad condition, can it still be sanded?

Nearly all our solid wood floorboards can be sanded, even when they are in bad condition, or have the familiar black tar-like substance around the edges. As a general rule, if you can walk on your wooden floor you can have it sanded.

If you have engineered or laminate wood flooring this can still be sanded but it will depend on how thick the top veneer layer is.

What about badly damaged or rotten flooring?

Don’t worry – a part of our floor sanding service includes the repair of damaged wood. In the case of severe damage or rot, we are able to match and replace your damaged floorboards.

Should I sand my floor before decorating the rest of my room?

No, it is more efficient for you if you get any electrics, plumbing, or plastering completed before having your floor sanded. Our team are happy to advise you and work with your schedule as we understand that each project has different constraining timescales

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How do I prepare my room for the floor to be sanded?

The carpet and furniture should be removed. Curtains can be left up. If you have a lot of furniture please speak with us, as we are used to working around this and can help come up with a solution.

How long does a floor take to sand?

An average size room, say 14 by 12ft or 4.5m by 4m, will take a couple of days, depending on the condition and the amount of repairs that are needed.

Can my floorboards be stained?

Yes you can, we offer a range of professional stains. Simply get in touch with our team today to enquire about these.

Will sanding my wooden floors help with asthma?

To keep your wooden floor looking beautifully polished for many years to come, we have created a simple six-step guide on how to care for your flooring. View here.

Yes, it has been proven that wooden floors reduce dust mites and help with asthma, remember our sanding is virtually dust free and we use environmentally sound finishing products.

This depends entirely on the kind of finish used. As a general rule, we advise you leave your newly finished floor to dry overnight before you or anyone else walks on it. For finishes to completely reach their full hardness, we recommend giving your flooring 2-3 days before placing heavy items like furniture on top of it.

In all instances, we will advise you on-site how long your particular floor will take to dry, so you know exactly where you stand.

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