Author: Kennington Flooring

08 May What’s the best type of flooring for universities?

With tough competition among UK universities to attract the best and brightest students around, it’s getting ever more important to ensure university facilities are top quality – and installing a suitable, comfortable and quality flooring is no different. There are many factors to consider when choosing...

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05 May What’s the best type of flooring for schools?

For nursery, primary and secondary schools, flooring must be able to withstand years of footfall. From corridor queues and assemblies to playtime and exams, a key element to choosing suitable flooring for schools is durability, whilst also considering how it looks and feels for the...

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wet room flooring

27 Feb What is the best flooring for wet rooms?

If you’re thinking of installing a wet room in your bathroom, you’ll probably be wondering what type of flooring you need. Our handy guide will give you the advantages and disadvantages of using a variety of flooring options, so you can make the best-informed choice. What...

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Carpet Tiles

31 Oct What are the pros and cons of patterned carpets?

Choosing the right patterned carpet for your home is an important and difficult decision, especially with all the variety out there. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming which is why we’ve outlined the pros and cons of patterned carpets below, also known as loop pile or...

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